Patient Portal

The Northwest Physicians Group Patient Portal is your personal view into the electronic medical record that your healthcare providers use to manage and document your care.

Click one of the below links to access your Patient Portal. If you are new to the Patient Portal, please use the “New User” link. When enrolling as a new user you will be required to enter the Medical Record Number (MRN) provided to you during your last office visit. If you have accessed the Patient Portal before, please use the “Returning User” link.

Included in Your Patient Portal

Access to Your Health Records

Access your medical records and test results online. Records available can include:

  • Visit Summaries
  • Current Medications
  • Immunizations
  • Medical History
  • Current Allergies
  • Recent Procedures
  • Patient Documents

Secure Messaging

Want to follow up on your last visit? Our secure messaging system gives you the opportunity to contact your healthcare providers, ask them questions and clarify any unclear instructions. All communication is kept confidential to ensure your personal information is safe and secure. Please allow up to two business days for a response from your care team.


Request appointments or follow-up visits and view upcoming appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

After I send a message through the Patient Portal, how soon will I receive a response?
Expect to receive a response from our office within one business day.

Where can I find my Username and Password?
If you’ve lost your username or password, call Cerner Customer Service at 877-621-8014 for assistance.

I can’t log in with my Username, Password or Security Questions. How do I fix this?
Your login credentials (username, password and security questions) are case sensitive. Make sure the Caps Lock is off and try again. If you still run into problems, please call Cerner Customer Service at 877-621-8014.

Can I unlock my account?
A series of three unsuccessful password attempts will lock your account. After 30 minutes, your account will unlock automatically.

How do I update my email address within Patient Portal?
Log into your account and update your personal information. If you cannot find the area to update your email address, call Cerner Customer Service at 877-621-8014. They can walk you through editing your contact information.

I received a message that says, “Invalid Security Code or Email Address.” How can I fix this?
Call Cerner Customer Service at 877-621-8014 for assistance. For all other questions, please call Cerner Customer Service at 877-621-8014.

Consumer Application Access To Your Health Record

Learn more about consumer application access to your health record →